APSlive - Audio Production Studio unsupported drivers

The Sound Blaster Live! Book

kX Project

Free WDM/ASIO drivers for EMU10K1 and EMU10K2-based soundcards
(like the Creative Labs SoundBlaster Live! audio card series...)

DSP effects included:
Reverb Lite, Stereo Chorus, Delay, Overdrive, M4Tube (TubeSound), Chorus, AutoWah, CL Reverb, ProLogica, RingMod, Eq10a, APS Flanger, APS AutoWah, Stereo/Mono Vocoders, Overdrive2, Encode4, APS Fuzz, Stereo Mix, Mono Mix, Pan, Pan x2, EQ Bandpass, EQ Highpass, EQ Highshelf, EQ Lowpass, EQ Lowshelf, EQ Notch, EQ Peaking, Frequency Splitter, Stereo Volume, Downmix, Cnv51To2 (kXSurround), APS Compressor, B2B, ac3passthru, Phat EQ Mono, Phat EQ Stereo, WaveGen, Everb, Surrounder, Gain, Decimator, Crossfade, APS Pitch, CLEAX3Reverb, FXMix, Epilog Lite, Prolog Lite, FXBusX, APS Compressor+, FXMix2, HpSp, MX6, Expander, Expander+, WaveGen3, DelayA, DelayB, Dynamics Processor, NoiseGate2T, NoiseGate2Ts, Vibrato, 2nd-order and 4-order Crossovers, BoobleGum and Timbre, ...

Programming the AdLib/Sound Blaster FM Music Chips